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The SCUDS Social Golf Club

YOU would be most welcome to join us on any future tour.  

Intersate Tour 2016

Tour 2016 Cairns (Queensland)


We have over 300 photos so for those on tour I will provide a CD Copy

Golfers on Tour Photos Set 1 General Photos

Sunday 5th June to Sunday 12th June


Tour Archive (International)

2013 International Tour Phuket

2014 Kota Kinabalu

2017 Hua Hin Thailand

Tour Archive (Inter-State)

2016 Tour Cairns

2018 Melbourne

2019 Kalgoorlie

Tour Archive (South West Tour)

Every year since 1999

SW Tour 2011

SW Tour 2012

SW Tour 2013

SW Tour 2014

SW Tour 2015

SW Tour 2016

SWTour 2017

SWTour 2018

SWTour 2019

South West 2020 now booking

YOU would be most welcome to join us on any future tour

South West Tour Organiser

Ian Fairchild:

Mobile:              0427778019

International Tour Organiser

"Robert Waterer" <>

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email us:




SCUD - A missile with a range of approximately 300 km  used by Iraq in the Iran-Iraq War and in the Gulf Wars about the 1990's often with erratic and inaccurate flight paths and direction. Perfectly suited to our members ability at golf.

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